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Here I will share some ideas which can be explored:

  1. As container reshuffling is nonnegligible to actual operations, hence ignoring the reshuffling impact will lead to overestimation of system capability. For example, an operator was supposed to lift 100 containers, however, actually he can only do 80 before his off-duty. Considering the shifting time between operators, the delay will occur. The research can be conducted on applying the reshuffling impact on planning level decision making process.
  2. Simulation-based optimization is a powerful tool for design level problems. For example, when building a terminal, we need to determine the amount of equipment to serve the expected throughput. Math/queuing/analytical models are not able to describe the system precisely, especially the interactions between terminal components. Hence, high fidelity simulation models are needed. Then to improve the searching efficiency, sim-based opt methods can be applied. This technique can be adopted in many complex systems, not only in maritime background.
  3. To be continued…

As container terminal has many similarities to warehouse, the research methodologies, ideas, techniques in maritime can be applied in urban logistics as well. For example, the below figures are high bay AS/RS and High Bay Storage for container terminal. They have high similarity on structure and the way of operation.

Recently I am exploring the High-Bay Storage system on two topics: 1. capacity design: the relation of system performance to the number of racks, bays, tiers and other equipment; 2. operation design: how to improve system performance with well-designed equipment coordination.

Research Interests

  • Algorithm Development
  • Simulation Modeling
  • Simulation-based Optimization
  • Smart Maritime Operations
  • Autonomous Transportation System
  • Warehousing and Logistics

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