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In 2018, I was leading a team with dozens of postdocs and engineers working on MPA, PSA and Jurong Port projects, and collaborating with ZPMC, Yinfeng Tech, Shanghai Maritime University, etc.

  • ZPMC, Development of Fleet Management System for Autonomous Vehicles for Terminal Environment

    Develop FMS for autonomous vehicle fleet, and customize vehicle algorithms for routing, dispatching, energy control, etc.

  • ZPMC, Simulation Modeling and Strategy Development for Container Floating Platform

    Simulate, develop and optimize operation strategies for innovative maritime equipment.

  • PSA, Optimization of AGV Transponder Layout

    Develop simulation model to evaluate AGV performance in different transponder layouts, and search for the best layout design which is able to support AGV free-roaming movment..

  • PSA, Optimization of AGV Charging Station Configuration

    Develop simulation model for battery-power AGV system, and optimize the ratio of number of charging stations vs. number of AGVs.

  • PSA, AGV Charging Scheduling Problem

    Develop AGV dispatching and scheduling algorithm with considering of AGV charging tasks.

  • Jurong Port, Terminal Efficiency Study

    Develop simulation and optimization models for terminal resource planning and operation process improvement.

  • MPA and PSA, Terminal Efficiency Study

    Develop simulation models to evaluate terminal efficiency for future Tuas Finger 3 and 4 terminals