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The traditional maritime logistics industry is facing an industry transformation bringing by technology development. Along with industry transformation, the maritime logistics research field is also facing new challenges and opportunities. It is found that using simulation or optimization alone solving maritime logistics decision problems has some drawbacks. Instead, a trend of integrating the two methods is becoming more and more popular in recent literature. However, an in-depth and systematic literature review is absent. Thus, this paper reviews a number of 106 papers on the integration of simulation and optimization for the maritime logistics studies published in the recent two decades.



This study reviews the papers from two angles: Maritime Application & Methodology. For application, the review ranges from port, including container terminal and general cargo port, to port-land and port-sea interactions, to shipping. For methodology, five modes of integration are identified based on how the two methods interact. For each mode, a detailed literature review on different maritime logistics processes is presented. Lastly, how the integration of simulation and optimization could contribute to the next generation maritime systems is discussed with future research directions given.



The latest version has submitted to high-tier journal. Interested reader can refer to an earlier version of this paper.